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Hamsa Necklaces

Hamsa Necklace
Hamsa necklaces are offered and sold all around the world as ones of the most famous protective talismans, that more than a million men and women love wearing. They wear the Hamsa necklaces with the belief of being protected against the “Evil Eye” as well as being blessed in their daily routines, feeling luckier than usual. Apart from the Hamsa Hand symbol on these necklaces, there are ones that also have engraved on them other symbols that help to drive away negative energy and emotions. For example, such ones are quotations from sacred sources or images of an eye. 
If you care for somebody and want to find a unique and special way how to show that to this person, then buying a Hamsa necklace and giving it as a gift is the perfect way to do so. At Ester Shahaf you can find many different designs of Hamsa necklaces that you would love, because each one of them has been personally crafted by a renowned Israeli artist.

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