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Mezuzah Cases


A mezuzah is a handwritten scroll, called "Klaf" filled with the Shema prayer, which is put inside an ornamental circumstance and affixed to a doorpost in the house. The case defends the scroll from outside the house elements while adding some style to the house.

The purpose of a mezuzah is to safeguard the home and the ones inside from physical and religious harm.

The Shema prayer is handwritten on a tiny little bit of parchment which is firmly rolled and then closed in a mezuzah circumstance. The case defends the scroll and is particularly very important to doorways leading outdoor. The situation should be completely covered therefore the scroll doesn't get harmed. Because of this, quite a few mezuzah cases include screws or support.

Some mezuzah circumstances are self-contained and form a cylinder or rectangle shape, built for outdoor use. Others are twisted in plastic material and fit flatly up against the doorpost. The "Shin" encounters outward, in the same way as the mezuzah circumstance design. Unless you want to drill the doorpost, try by using a durable adhesive.

Many Jewish homes contain mezuzah at every door. A mezuzah can be attached to the door every room in the house and office (including cellar, attic, and storage). A mezuzah shouldn't be put at the access to your bathrooms.

Our assortment of mezuzah instances ranges however you like. We have the classic, Armenian, glass, timber, and much more! We also take multiple color and size options. Gary Rosenthal is a favorite mezuzah musician, and Search has lots of options your kids will like. Michael Aram creates luxurious mezuzah situations for today's twist on a historical tradition.


The mezuzah is affixed:

1. In the right doorpost as you enter.

2. Inside a slanted position with top directed to within room.

3. In the top third of doorpost level (make high).

4. On outer 3.2 ins of doorpost width.

Before affixing a mezuzah to a doorpost, the next blessing should be recited:

The blessing to be said when suspending a mezuzah

Hebrew Transliteration:

  • Boruch Atah A-do-nai
  • Elo-heinu Melech
  • Ha-olam asher
  • Kidishanu b'miyzvotov v'tzivanu likboa mezuzah.

Translation: Blessed have you been, Lord our God, Ruler of the world, who may have sanctified us along with his commandments and commanded us to affix a mezuzah.

If several Mezuzah has been placed at a given time, only a blessing is recited. When placing a mezuzah to an arch, a blessing is not recited.

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