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Hanukkah Menorah For Sale

Most likely the definitive little bit of Judaica, the Hanukkah menorah for sale has since forever been one of the attractive centerpieces of your Jewish home as well among the most popular retailers for the creative energies of Jewish painters and artisans, mainly the 9 branch menorah. While it isn't typically known as a "Jewish Menorah," no Jewish home is finished without one.

Observe our incredible gathering of dozens after a large number of beautiful menorahs in every possible style and created from every possible material. Traditional and fashionable, with something for every preference and every budget.


Historian Simon Sebag Montefiore discusses the Jerusalem as not only the holy city in Israel but also a multivalent metaphor, the area of our source and the destination to which we will be one day return, a storage area and hope that every one of us holds inside us irrespective of where we live. Considered this way, the menorah isn't only a commemorative subject discussing the magic in the Temple, once the Maccabean defeated the Seleucids so when one day's worth of olive oil endured eight. The menorah is additionally our method for blessing the fortification of the house.

Diaspora Designs

Judaicamore's small Jerusalem menorahs make the Hanukkah metaphor almost literal, but we have some other attractive styles and so much more Judaica on the market too, such as the kippah for sale. Amongst our traditional offerings are several highly-polished brass menorahs in traditional designs from across European countries. These reproductions of an early on 20th-century Polish menorah, an 18th Century Sicilian menorah, and a 15th hundred years German menorah are a testament and an archive of the European-Jewish experience.

Another traditional and upscale band of menorahs which also come across the way of the Western European background are our Hazorfim SILVER Menorahs. Established in Israel in 1952 and tackling the ability and traditions of Eastern Western European artisans, Hazorfim Magic has produced bits that may be from the own series of Ruler Hussein of Jordan and Vladimir Putin of Russia.

Modern Interpretations of the Menorah by Israeli Artisans

Modern designs are also available, such as Avner Agayof's minimalist-style menorahs. These brilliant menorahs are constructed of anodized metal and break down into modular devices also to be stored in a shiny wooden container. World-renowned sculptor David Gerstein has designed lots of colorful menorahs in his approach, sheet metal plasma slice into playful habits and imprinted in exuberant colors. You'll also find hand-painted designs from Jerusalem-based Yair Emanuel as well as modernist designs from Haifa-based Shraga Landesman.

Difference between Hanukah and Menorah

The difference between your Hanukkah and Menorah for sale would be that the Hanukkah is lit on the event of Hanukkah and the Menorah is not. Furthermore, the Menorah has fewer branches than the Hanukkah and doesn't have an away of place 'Shamash.' The menorah is merely symbolic representing the Jewish trust.

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