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Jewish Tallit For Sale

What is a Tallit?

A tallit for sale (also known as tallit gadol or by its Yiddish name, Tallit) is a Jewish prayer shawl worn by women and men during morning hours’ prayer services and on the Sabbath and vacations. They are being used to prepare your brain and heart and soul for petition and rouse euphoria and veneration for God.

Like yarmulkes, Jewish petition shawls or tallit can be quite simple or highly complex in design. A vibrantly embellished wool tallit or silk tallit can reveal specific symbols, tales, places, and happenings in Jewish culture or just indicate areas such as contemplation or party. The only real requirements of Jewish tallit structure are which it be considered a shawl long enough to be worn over the shoulder blades, as a garment and this it not be produced from a blend of wool and linen. A lot of women choose to wear silk tallit, which is lightweight and frequently decorated with stunning detail.

Many Jewish tallitot feature the Hebrew blessing for donning a tallit over the Atarah (the long part that lays closest to the throat). One quirk to notice: Since sacred writings aren't permitted to be studied into your bathrooms, if the blessing is written on your tallit, you need to take it off (& most likely hang up it over a local tallit rack) before proceeding into the restroom!

Religious Need for a Jewish Tallit

The religious need for Jewish tallit for sale is not alone, however in the specifically-detailed fringes, or tzitzit, that are linked with each corner predicated on passing in the Torah (Quantities 15:37-41) instructing wearers of "four-cornered apparel" to take action to keep in mind God's commandments.

Because they're exempt from any mitzvah which involves time constraints and considered innately nearer to God by their very dynamics, women aren't necessary to wear a tallit as a prep for prayer or reminder of the faith. Therefore, using a Jewish tallit is a woman's personal choice predicated on her desire to have contemplation and manifestation of reverence.

The Blessing for Donning a Jewish Tallit

Customarily, men wear a tallit during morning hours’ services; in non-Orthodox synagogues, a lot of women also wear a tallit. In a few Orthodox congregations, only hitched men wear a tallit. You can see people gathering the tzitzit in their still left palm and kissing them when the paragraph from the Torah discussing them is recited. Another occasion where men wear a tallit is while blowing the shofar. The Shofar and its accessories all put together create a nice package of elements to be used in High Holidays. 

Most synagogues have prayer shawls designed for people to use during services. However, many people favor acquiring their prayer shawl. A multitude of Judaica on the market at Judaicamore. 

How to Choose the Perfect Tallit for You

Everybody knows that the Tallit has different sizes depending on several parameters and you'll need to find the best one that suits you from that big variety. In order to make your life much easier here's a simple yet efficient table with the different measures so you'll be to know whether you prefer to measure in centimeters or in inches which Tallit suits you best:

Tallit size in cm & inches Size Height in cm
80/130 (31.4"x 51.5") 35-2 120
110/130 (43.3" x 51.5") 40-2 140
110/160 (43.3" x 62.9") 45 150
120/170 (47.2" x 66.9") 50  160 
130/180 (51.5" x 70.8")


130/180 (51.5" x 70.8")  55  170 
140/190 (55.1" x 74.8")  60  175 
140/190 (55.1" x 74.8")  60  180 
140/190 (55.1" x 74.8")  60  185 

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