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Tefillin Bags

A tefillin bag holds the most valuable asset of a Jew - his tefillin. He received his first pair in his Bar Mitzvah when he reached the age of thirteen. As years pass and move in adolescence and virility, there are changes in their tastes and lifestyle. But the daily rite of putting the tefillin never changes. This is the identity kit - a constant recall as the day begins he is a Jewish presence, and God is with him at all times.

Tefillin is expensive. Handwritten scrolls contain about which God fearing scribes who are familiar with intricate Jewish laws have accurately written the verses of the Bible that are enclosed in the black boxes of the Tefillin placed on the head and arm. To protect precious tefillin and express appreciation for their importance, you want to store them in a special Tefillin bag.

There is a selection of Tefillin bags. They are made of velvet quality - the choice fabric that is always popular. They offer traditional embroidery - geometric shapes at center or corner, decorated flowers, swirls or crowns. In most of them, the word "Tallit" or "tefillin" is embroidered in Hebrew in the middle. The colors are real blue or dark blue - always favored.

So, choose one for your baby Bar Mitzva and why not choose one for you too. If you are still using the Bar Mitzvah Tefillin bag, maybe it's time for a change - refresh the morning ritual with a new cheap Tefillin from Judaicamore.com.

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